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Become an Unapologetic Parent


Unapologetic Parents Coalition

When we are unapologetic about the needs of our family as a community, we all rise to meet the needs. 



The coalition brings parents and caretakers together to listen to the needs.  We then educate stakeholders about the needs of parents and families.  The Unapologetic Parents Coalition is the place where the parents' voice is welcome and heard. We believe in honoring the parent choice in education and the well being of children.

Our mission is to listen to the parent voice, honor the parent's choice, develop the child and uplift the family.

Featured Project

Newark Parents Agenda

The Newark Parents Agenda is an effort to unite organizations across the city of Newark, New Jersey.  These organizations are coming together to collect the feedback provided to them from parents about what they really need.  This will allow stakeholders to meet the immediate needs of parents and families. 


Let the parents voice be heard!


Children in Science Class

Unapologetic Parents


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